Spring Summer 2022 Zine - Gifts for Pregnancy

We made a Zine!

Spring has us feeling nostalgic for the days of late nights with loud music and sidewalk cigarettes instead of Baby Shark & potty training, so we made a Zine!

If you didn't spend your twenties in counterculture bars you may be thinking,
"What is a Zine?"
 (pronounced zeen)
Short Answer: DIY magazine

Ours is part introduction to Birth Order + our mission, part useful information for our customers, and kind of a catalog.

What useful information is inside?

  • Tips for connecting to your pre & postnatal body by Materra Method's Abby Erker
  • A Mock Mojito Recipe
  • And, our dream Baby Shower Gift Guide (hint, it's all items for mom's comfort & recovery!)

Download PDF of our Spring/Summer 2022 zine HERE


One more thing:

We have printed copies that we would love to get in hands all over the United States. 

​If you know of a business that would be interested in putting them out for their customers to grab, or some other idea for a partnership/promotion please email us at hello@birthorder.shop

Thanks, you really are the best!

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