Hi! I'm Courtney, the Founder and Mother behind Birth Order.

When I was pregnant, I spent what probably added up to days Googling products and researching ingredients to make sure that I was only using the most natural and least harmful products on my body.  After my son was born I felt like I had a deep knowledge base that I wanted to share so other expecting parents and their families could spend more time thinking about the fun part of pregnancy, and less being overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.  So, I created Birth Order - an online marketplace that is carefully curated and guides customers to high quality products for every stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

Our Birth Story

In 2019 I had my son, left a job that I loved, & moved my family from NYC back to my hometown in Missouri. I believe that it takes a village to raise a child and wanted my parents and siblings to have a hand in his upbringing — as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins...you get the idea.

Before his birth, I had been warned that postpartum depression could be triggered as the attention mothers receive during pregnancy is almost immediately shifted to their baby. I was lucky to have a good experience, but knowing to brace myself for this swift change during a very emotional/transformative/exhausting time in my life was really valuable.  Even small moments of self care and helpful gestures became significant, and this was when I knew I wanted to create a space focused on caring for parents during and following childbirth.

Like many expectant mothers I spent HOURS (probably days) researching items that were safe, effective, and necessary.  From food to beauty products and clothes to clutter - everything was inspected under a new lens.  As time passed my research continued, and Birth Order was conceived as a way to put what I’ve learned to good use.  

As a company, we aim to create a gifting experience that helps guide friends and family to support this journey with the same thought and care of a mother who has already done the research. And, we are committed to offering safe, sustainable, and practical items, all with the intent of enhancing the experience of new parents.  No filler, less waste, ethically researched and delivered straight to your door.  

The biggest gift we provide may just be that no one will have to ask what they can do for you!

  • Loving Yourself isn’t Vanity, it’s Sanity

    Mothering is HARD! We are here to remind moms that small moments to treat themselves go a long way to being the patient, thoughtful, & playful moms they want to be. Who says dads get to have all the fun?

  • Quality Presentation Matters

    Even if distance (or self-distancing) keeps us from hand-delivering a gift, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Your best friend deserves something nicer than an Amazon box and we have thought of every detail to ensure their delivery feels special.

  • Sustainability

    As an online company, we accept that shipping materials are unavoidable. What we don’t accept is that they need to be unsustainable. We do this by refusing that it is too hard or expensive to build sustainability into our brand, reducing packing materials and shipping weight when possible, reusing materials (the packing peanuts in our boxes are reused from packaged we receive from our vendors), and Recycle.  90% of our packing materials are made of recycled materials and everything except our external box labels are recyclable.