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Fourthwear Size
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Whether you are prepping for a planned c-section, or scrambling to care for an unexpected recovery, we've got you covered with our cesarean recovery bundle.

Organic C-Section Cream

  • Motherlove’s C-Section Cream is created with gentle herbs to offer a cream that is soothing on the skin and can help promote c-section recovery.
  • Suggested Use: Apply 3 times per day once the c-section incision has fully closed.

FourthWear Postpartum Underwear

  • Nyssa’s FourthWear® Underwear is super stretchy and accommodates a heat or ice pack in the vaginal/perineal area or at the site of a caesarean incision.
  • FourthWear™ Underwear is made to change with your body and can be folded down or pulled up over the navel.
  • Nyssa's sizing is based on standard maternity sizing. If you wear a Medium in your maternity pants, we recommend you purchase a S/M of FourthWear® Underwear.

Nyssa Ice/Heat Pack

  • The perfect partner to your FourthWear™ postpartum recovery underwear. Enjoy cooling comfort and healing heat throughout your Fourth Trimester.
  • The FourthCare™ Pack fits in our FourthWear Postpartum Underwear widened gusset for vaginal and perineal comfort, and/or in the front for relief over a cesarean incision.

Postpartum Pads

  • Infused with mint, lavender, and aloe to create a "cooling" effect that soothes soreness and calms cramping, making it an ideal feminine pad for after delivery.  
  • 12 pack - and yes, you still need these after a c-section

Rosewater Wondermist Hydrating Spray Mini

  • This gentle 100% plant-based mist works wonders to refresh dull skin, hydrate skin cells, soothe irritation, set makeup, and cool sunburns.

Cup of Sunshine Tea

  • Ingredients: organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic tulsi, organic Malabar peppercorn, organic cinnamon
  • Certified Organic
  • Includes 10 Tea Bags // Caffeine Free

Lip Balm

  • Organic Unscented lip Balm by Kind Lips
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