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The Honey Pot Company



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So much about pregnancy is uncomfortable. For some its physical - morning sickness, acid reflux - for others it emotional - vulnerability, loss of control over ones body. One thing that I’m sure of, is that every person who experiences pregnancy hates that dry, hospital grade paper towel that they you are handed after OB/Midwife appointments to “wipe up” with and this is when the Mommy-to-Be wipes really shine!

The Honey-Pot Company has designed these 100% natural wipes for pregnant women leaving behind no residue and no artificial fragrance – just clean comfort.

Made with:

  • Coconut Oil - for natural moisture

  • Aloe Vera - supports irritated skin

  • Cucumber - to moisten & refresh

  • Oats - soothes & calms dry/irritated skin

  • Calendula - reduces bad bacteria

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