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Motherload Subscription - ESSENTIALS

Motherload Subscription - ESSENTIALS

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This is the subscription for go time!  Full of comfort and recovery items, these curated boxes make the third and fourth trimester a little easier, as well as include items to be packed directly into your hospital bag to be sure that "Mom Brain" doesn't have you forgetting any essentials.

Includes gift boxes for:

  • Third Trimester
  • Labor & Delivery or Cesarean Recovery
  • Fourth Trimester (that;s a cute way of saying newly postpartum)

It's a  high-five, "You got this," thumbs up, "You go girl," or whatever hyped up sign of encouragement you use to remind new parents that they have a village to support them on this journey.

*items in boxes may vary from pictured, but will always be equivalent in value

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