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Sitz Bath Spray brings new moms the same relief as a sitz bath in a convenient spray bottle. This soothing perineal spray is made with traditional sitz bath herbs that soothe sore perineal muscles and hemorrhoidal tissues. Sitz Bath Spray is a soothing vaginal spray for easing discomfort after childbirth and perfect for frequent use. For cooling effect, spray on pad and freeze before use.

  • Herbal sitz bath on the go! No soaking required.

  • Plant powered & free of artificial ingredients.

  • Inner straw may be removed for an inverted spray.

  • Ingredients: Distilled water, cane alcohol, witch hazel leaf, yarrow herb*, uva ursi leaf, lavender essential oil*

    *USDA Certified Organic ingredients


Mom Tip: Spritz some Sitz Bath Spray on a maxi pad (we recommend Honey Pot Co Postpartum Pads) and put in your fridge or freezer before going into labor. Once baby arrives, wear the pad for soothing, cooling relief. 

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