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Lavender Meadows



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A new mom care package with all the essentials for postpartum recovery.

Handcrafted by Lavender Meadows with organic, pregnancy-friendly, luxurious ingredients to help her relax and recover with the best skincare for pregnancy and postpartum. Includes:

Revitalize Postpartum Cream (4oz): A powerful belly cream crafted with natural ingredients to strengthen torn or stretched skin fibers. Helps stretched skin appear smooth and firm, while also improving the overall appearance of stretch marks.

Lavender Epsom Bath Salts - Relax the body and mind in a bath of fresh lavender and ache-relieving Epsom salts. 4oz

Herbal Recovery Spray - A soothing body mist to freshen up and offer relief to sensitive areas. Made with ingredients that can improve the feel of irritated skin like Chamomile, Witch Hazel, and Centella Extract. 2oz

Boob Balm - Helps to provide relief and moisture for dry nipples. A smooth consistency that absorbs nicely and smells like toasted coconuts. 1oz

Baby Cheeks Barrier Oil - Ditch the messy diaper creams and switch to an easy spray-on oil that can offer comfort to sensitive areas and provide an occlusive barrier. Doubles as a body oil to help lock in hydration, and keep baby skin feeling soft. 2oz

Coconut Oat Milk Bath - A soft powder made with coconut milk and colloidal oatmeal. Bath time can leave baby skin parched and dry, but milk baths leave skin feeling soothed, soft and supple. 45g

Almond & Coco Body Cream - A fragrance-free, rich cream that melts into the skin for the feeling of lasting moisture and nourishment. 4oz

Baby Muslin Burb Cloth - A soft, absorbent, fluffy hand towel. Delicately woven and layered for sensitive baby skin. 12”x12”


Beautifully packaged for a WOW factor that will help her feel seen! "Best Seller" on Etsy and delivered to over 4,000 incredible mommas. 

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