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Grip Sock Size/Style
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It’s the third trimester, do you feel like you’ve run three marathons yet? To the untrained eye it may just look like you’ve gained weight and slowed down, but we know you’re a full on athlete now. That extra weight has made your muscles stronger, your heart is pumping twice the blood that it used to, and all of this while a baby is pressing on your diaphragm, keeping you from taking a deep breath. Phew, treat yourself girl!

Labor Prep Tea by Oat Mama

  • Raspberry leaf can help tone and strengthen your uterine muscles for a more efficient labor while alfalfa and nettle work to ward off anemia and build a healthy blood supply. An invigorating blend of peach and berries will get you ready to take on the world, one birth at a time. 
  • Each bag comes with 14 biodegradable plant-based tea sachets. 
  • Ingredients: Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Alfalfa Leaf, Organic Nettle Leaf, All Natural Fruit Flavors. 

Grip Socks

  • women’s size 6-10

  • Casual Crew - Comfortable cushion on the bottom combined with arch support and a stretchy cuff make these the perfect house socks with grippers. Includes 1 Black, 1 Light Grey, & 1 Dark Grey pair

  • Ankle - Gripjoy active low cut ankle socks will keep you exactly where you want to be - from navigating freshly cleaned wood floors to striking a killer pose in yoga or barre class. Includes 1 Black, 1 Light Grey, & 1 Dark Grey pair

  • Slipper - Fuzzy socks that will keep your feet warm and cozy all day long, while helping prevent falls and giving you confidence as you move about your day.

Joolies Organic Dates

  • Dates are a magical pregnancy superfood. They benefit every stage of pregnancy and recovery, but we get most excited about them because randomized trials have found that eating dates in late pregnancy may increase cervical ripening and reduce the need for a medical labor induction or augmentation!!

Moisturizing Belly Sheet Mask

  • Helps hydrate, protect skin barrier, and minimize stretch marks all while giving mama some much needed “me” time!


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