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Tips to Stay Cool in your Third Trimester

Tips to Stay Cool in your Third Trimester
Trying to stay cool during your third trimester can feel like a fool's errand, especially for all of the late summer/early fall moms-to-be. But we promise there are ways to find relief, even if only for a moment.

Graphic of 7 tips to stay cool during pregnancy

Seven Tips to Beat the Heat

1. Wear breathable loose clothing
2. Use portable mini fan
3. Cool baths/showers
4. Keep feet elevated so your body isn't working to hard when you're sitting
5. Eat frozen snacks
6. Ice Packs (we highly recommend ticking one in your back bra strap)
7. HYDRATE!! Drink LOTS of water

Image of pregnant women wearing a belly sheet mask and eating ice cream


Also solving the problem of itchy stretched skin, store these in your fridge so they are cold when you put it on & CHILL OUT. Maybe eat your favorite cold treat while you are wearing one to cool down from both inside and out.

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Image of jar of Rosewater Wondermist Hydrating Spray with rose


Store this hydrating spray in the refrigerator - you know what, put all of your skincare in the fridge for the next year or so, and every time you walk by (get a snack) spray your face.

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Breastfeeding mom holding Sand Mama Bottle by Bink


The wide mouth on this water bottle makes it easy to fill with ice, & the optional straw top means that ice won't fall in your face when you take a sip. Besides keeping you cool, you'll def look COOL with this accessory.
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Nyssa Between the Legs Ice/Heat pack on top of Fourthwear Postpartum Underwear


It's like a Boo Boo Buddy for your most sensitive parts affected by giving birth. You put them in the freezer to cool the gel inside for pliable ice packs - they also heat up for heat therapy when you need it, but that's definitely not for today 🥵

More Details - Between the Legs
More Details - Breast/Chest

One more thing real quick - no one told me the heat/sweating I felt during pregnancy would linger well into postpartum. Now is a great time to find a good deodorant that you like. I've never been stinkier in my life than when I was breastfeeding. Welcome to the sweaty moms club! 💕